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For best results, pick campaigns suited for your audience interests. Entertainment, sports, shopping or gaming audience will respond better if your promotion is based on content they find interesting.

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Promote the campaign by posting the link on your favourite social media platform, along with a call-to-action message. The call-to-action can have many formats. Learn more about this for Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

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Every time one of your followers, or your referral followers performs an action - you receive coins. 100 coins equals US $1, and most campaigns have a payout per action of 100 to 500 coins. So if you get 1000 installs, that's between $1000 and $5000 payout!

What other people say?

Laura S., Instagramer
Laura S., Instagramer

SharePop was a real game-changer for me. I have worked with affiliate marketing before for my social networks, but these guys have the best choice of apps and the best payouts on the market

HaVoC Gaming, YouTuber
HaVoC Gaming, YouTuber

My experience with SharePop so far is great. It’s easy to understand and gives me new ways to share mobile games my viewers will enjoy.

Promote the apps and products you love, and earn money!

Join 30,000 Influencers